"This was the first time eufy by Anker has participated in a Petrends Event, and it went smoothly and successfully. Thanks, Charlotte Reed and your team for an excellent and professional organization. We showcased our robotic vacuums, met and talked to representatives from national magazines, bloggers, influencers and freelancers who work on pet-tech related product stories. Our products appeared on NBC and AKEC.TV during the coverage of the event which was great exposure. In a word, it was a fantastic experience!"
- Vicky Guo - PR Specialist | Anker Innovations Limited

"The Pet Trends Media Event at the Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan was electric. Throughout the entire day there was a deluge of heavy hitting media members, bloggers, influencers, magazine editors and socialites that graciously reviewed all of the new pet products. OurPets was overwhelmed with the interest and the excitement, and look forward to working with Charlotte and her team in the future!"
- Brian Astman - Our Pets - National Sales Manager Corporate Accounts

"The Petrend Pet Media & Influencer Showcase was a great success. Charlotte did an amazing job promoting the vendors to her media contacts, resulting in a constant flow of members of the media and industry influencers for the entire duration of the event. Petrics couldn't be happier with the outcome and we expect our media exposure to multiply exponentially due to our participation."
- Kristopher Johnson - Director of Sales & Marketing, Petrics, Inc.

"The Petrend Events Media Showcase was a great opportunity for Actijoy to get exposed to many media and influencers and share our mission with them. Thanks, Charlotte Reed and your team for an excellent organization and a very professional attitude. We cannot wait to join you for upcoming events! It truly was a fantastic experience!"
- Andrea Zoubkova - Product Manager, Actijoy

"This was the first time Canada Pooch has participated in a Petrends Event, and even though we couldn't send down a representative, the Petrends Team took great care of us. Our products appeared on CBS during the coverage of the event which was great exposure. We have also had a number of the attendees reach out to us about working together, we're excited to get our products into these influencers hands. Overall it was a great event for us and would definitely participate again."
- Amy Eisner-Levine - Marketing and Customer Care at Canada Pooch

"The Petrend Events Media Showcase presented a terrific opportunity for one-on-one interaction with top tier media - all in one day - all in one place. We appreciated the targeted approach to media outreach with the focus on those who are most interested in all things pets. The intimate quality of the event made it possible for real meaningful exchanges with media and celebs and enabled us to generate strong leads."
- Ellie Bagli - Senior Vice President at Freeman Public Relations for Petmate Pet Products

"The Petrend Events Fall Media Showcase was an excellent way for us to acquire great media contacts. We were unexpectedly on CBS news and Reuters! We got great photos and videos for our media use."
- Erin Breig - Director at Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique

"Charlotte is a master at what she does- getting media and brands together. Her events are extremely well organized and very well attended. We were so glad to have participated in Charlotte's recent Petrends Event. We highly recommend her events!"
- Nancy Carson, Founder/CEO - Balcony Pets

"Great event! Thanks so much for including us in the Home, Garden & Safety Pet Media Showcase. Can't believe all the amazing media contacts we made. We never would have made it into the NY TIMES PET CITY column, if we weren't there. Can't wait for the next event. Thanks again. Charlotte & the Petrend Events team are amazing!"
- Penny Stolfe, Partner - Carolina Pet Company

"It was a great opportunity to interact with the a diverse group of media outlets all in one place at one time and in ONE DAY!! Charlotte did a great job of getting all the right people to show up throughout the day so that we really had some good one on one time with people. Definitely worth doing again!"
- Tom Perkins, National Sales Manager - Flexrake Corp

"Charlotte Reed’s Petrend Events delivered and then some! From the moment the event began to its close (at 8pm,) the room was packed with media.  From The New York Times and Huffington Post (short lead) to Oprah, Family Circle and Real Simple (long lead,) not to mention strong bloggers and celebrities too - Charlotte and her dedicated team populated the event with top-tier, interested, and engaged media.  We are currently fulfilling five BIG media requests, just two days after the event, with many more in the works! We are extremely happy we decided to attend the event to launch our client’s new product."
- Julia Gillespie, Principal - mo marketing + pr

"The event was amazing. We were exposed to media that we did not believe we would have access to for years! Well worth event minute."
- Jason Riccardi, President - Pura Natural Pet

"Charlotte and her team put together an amazing media and influencer event. Incorporating their pet expertise and connections, coupled with their attention to detail, the recent Petrend showcase was a success to vendors and guests alike. Partnering with Charlotte has provided us with a great channel to get our products into the hands of key influencers."
- Damian Hall, Senior Marketing Manger - Rolf C. Hagen

"We were very pleased with the event. The day went smoothly and there was a steady stream of media from start to finish. It was a great value!"
- Brandie Gonzales, Director of Communications - Rover (dot) com

"Charlotte Reed and her team displayed great effort in the organization of the recent Pet Health, Fitness & Safety Petrend Events media showcase. A vast group of A-list media and celebrities visited top selected industry vendors throughout the entire show. We applaud the Petrend Events group for their expertise and thank the attendees for the opportunity to communicate our brand's message. We look forward to participating in future Petrend Events Media Showcases."
- Danielle Garofalo, Director of Operations, Epi-Pet/Epiderma, LLC

"Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, thank you very much for putting together the most impressive PR day in which I have ever participated. I cannot believe all the great magazines, newspapers and television editors as well as bloggers that you got to attend this event. Media and celebrity guests that was there were interested in the various pet health products. I also liked that there were a small number of brands represented. This way there was no overlap of pet categories. Thanks again. And now, all I have to do now is follow up with media!"
- Holly Sher, President, Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Co., Inc.

"The Petrend Events PR event for Canine Health in New York exceeded my expectations. The turn-out from the media, celebrities, and opportunity to present our company was hands down better than any event I have ever attended. We were introduced and interviewed by FOX News NYC and got great coverage on their evening news! Very impressed with the professional format that Charlotte and her team created - it was clear and easy - no surprises!"
- Krista Wickens, President of FitPaws, USA

"The recent Petrend Events media showcase in New York was both well executed and well attended by a-list media and celebrities. We have participated in many such events events over the years and appreciate the seasoned talents of Charlotte Reed and her team. We look forward to the Spring event and chance to showcase our new lines in the company of other leading brands"
- Janine Robertson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Insect Shield

"Charlotte Reed's Petrend Showcase Event in New York provided the team at Leeo with a great opportunity to introduce the benefits of the Smart Alert to a variety of celebrities, journalists and pet industry influencers! Charlotte and her team are very accommodating and we found the event to be very worthwhile and a lot of fun, too!"
- Jaime Cottini, Leeo Public Relations

"Hosted by Petrendologist Charlotte Reed, the 2015 Petrend Pet Health Safety & Fitness Showcase in New York City was a huge success for the Loving Pets team! As a manufacturer committed to education and enhancing the bond between pets and people, this event provided us with a unique experience - not only did we have the chance to meet 50+ members of health and lifestyle media, celebrities and social media influencers, but the small and more intimate environment encouraged conversation, education and engagement."
- Eric Abbey, President/ Founder of Loving Pets, Corp.

"The Petrend Events Pet Health, Fitness and Safety Media Showcase was not only a very enjoyable event but we had the opportunity to meet high profile media and bloggers with whom we were able to share our story and products. Media and celebrity guests went home with samples of our great products. Hopefully, they will be able to “spread the word” about Gaia Enterprises, and its superior products. Once again, Charlotte has outdone herself"
- Steven Vernik, Director of Operations Safe Paw Ice Melter-Gaia Enterprises, Inc.

"Petrend Events was a great opportunity to meet with a variety of journalists and celebrities interested in the latest pet health innovations. It was a pleasure to work with Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and her team."
- Selina McPherson, Director of Marketing Communications & Brand Strategy, Voyce

"SO HELPFUL!! We had a terrific experience as an exhibitor in Charlotte Reed's Pet Health, Fitness & Safety Media Showcase. The firsthand interaction with so many quality media contacts was incredibly valuable to us, not to mention extremely efficient. All aspects of the event were very well managed -- thanks so much Charlotte and team!!"
- Jim Huffstetler, Founding Partner / President, ZERO ODOR LLC