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Actijoy is a smart system that can prolong dogs' lives by up to two years and reduce veterinary costs thanks to three mutually connected devices: The Health & Activity Tracker, the set of WiFi Food & Water bowls and the iOS and Android App. The solution lies in tracking a wide range of dog's behavior and giving the real-time data on a dog's health to dog parents and veterinarians. Nutrition & proper amount of exercise are two key components of a healthy lifestyle not just for humans but also for dogs. The Actijoy sophisticated system can monitor both of these components and gives us useful information that usually is not easy to find out. For more information, visit


Anker Innovations is a global leader in charging technology and a developer of consumer products to support smarter audio, driving and the emerging smart home space. Eufy is the smart home brand focused on creating a new generation of connected devices and appliances that will simplify the smart-home experience and make it more accessible. This includes a growing list of smart appliances from lights and robot vacuum cleaners to home monitoring and protection. Learn more about eufy at


Experience Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland, the World's Largest Christmas Store, open 361 days of the year. Located just 86 miles northwest of Detroit in Frankenmuth, Michigan, Bronner's features over 50,000 trims and gifts. For more information, visit


Diggs, maker of the revolutionary Revol dog crate, is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of innovative pet products. Diggs invents pet products of the future and envisions a more effortless, stylish and evolved life with pets, inspired by the humans who love them. Diggs defines themselves as a game-changing brand of pet products that challenge the status quo and aims to redefine the expectations of pet owners. For more information, visit


At Olaganics we have formulated and manufacture (made in USA) a full line of supplements to help you give your dog everything that's necessary for a healthier, happier life. Our single serve liquid food topper packets are simple to use: tear open package and pour over your dog's meal, no measuring, no mess. In addition, our great tasting bacon flavored soft chews are formulated with high quality ingredients and contain no grains, gluten, meat-by-products, artificial flavors or colors and are designed for maximum absorption, optimal health and wellness. For more information, visit

Our Pets

The OurPet's Company designs, produces and markets a broad line of innovative, trend-setting pet products and accessories sold under the OurPets and Pet Zone brands in the United States and overseas. OurPets and Pet Zone products are sold through leading pet specialty retailers, food, drug and mass merchandisers, and internet retailers. The OurPet's Company has an extensive intellectual property portfolio with more than 170 patents in either issued or pending status. Please visit and for more information about the Company, its products and brands.


Feed your pet anytime, anywhere. The Petnet SmartFeeder automatically feeds your pet the right portions, at the right time. No matter if you're at the office or simply busy doing work around the house, the power to feed your pet is in the palm of your hands. With the SmartFeeder, you can set up automatic feedings for your pet, with individual portion sizes. The SmartFeeder recommends the healthiest portions based on your pet's breed, age, weight, and activity level. Receive app alerts for successful feeds, low food warnings and SmartDelivery shipments. Now, feeding your pet is even easier than before: all you have to do is say, "Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Fido a half a cup," and voila, food is dispensed! You can dispense anywhere between 1/16 and 1 1/2 cups of food with the SmartFeeder - just by using your voice. For more information, visit


Petrics believes that every pet owner deserves full access to nutritional and behavioral data so they can provide the best possible care and comfort for their pet, allowing them to live longer, happier lives. Our smart pet bed with climate control & built-in scale, activity tracker and mobile app is the foundation of our evolving ecosystem of datecentric products that will reshape the way we care for our pets by providing critical data that veterinarians can evaluate, helping them make informed treatment decisions. Petrics is making the world a healthier and safer place for your family pet. For more information, visit

Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique

Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique, a division of Rubie's Costume Company, offers an extensive line of pet costumes and accessories for dogs of all sizes including the "Big Dog Collection" (sizes XL to XXXL). Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique features top licensed properties such as Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, The Avengers, Minions, Ghostbusters, Paw Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, Scooby Doo and much more! The line also has the largest selection of adorable non-licensed wearables for Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Barkday festivities and other celebrations throughout the year! For more information, visit


The Wagz team uses first-of-it's-kind technologies to build the only system that delivers a completely connected pet lifestyle. The Wagz family of products work together to cover the most pressing needs of pet parents. Our smart feeder, collar, door, treat cam and more deliver a system that allows you to give your dog newfound freedom, better nutrition, long-lasting health, and more attention - with one simple app. For more information, visit

PS MediaMy BeveragesGo Go Squeez

Doc and Phoebe

Doc and Phoebe's Indoor Hunting Feeder. The bowl-free, naturally instinctive way to feed your cat. When your cat instinctively hunts for its food, it's happier and healthier. And that means you are too. Prey. Eat. Love. For more information, visit


Ear infections are one of the top reasons dogs and their owners visit the veterinarian. Originally developed for the inventor’s Cocker Spaniel, the patented Dog Ear Lifter improves airflow and reduces moisture in the ears of all dogs include purebred and mixed breeds dogs with long, floppy ear. Made in the USA, this safe, chemical-free remedy, subtly lifts the dog's ear to promote adequate air circulation into the ear canal, preventing moisture buildup that causes bacterial ear inflections.


Since inventing the high-speed rotary tool in 1934, the Dremel brand has been helping Makers with its full line of versatile, easy-to-use tool systems that deliver the perfect solution for almost any job. In the pet grooming space, Dremel launched the Dremel 7300-PGK, a new pet nail grooming kit that features the world's only 45-degree paw guide, a key feature that ensures the veterinarian-recommended angle for precise, gentle nail trimming. Its quiet motor won’t crack, splinter or break a pet’s nails, and its simple hinged construction allows for easy cleaning and assembly. For more information, visit

Earth Animal

In1979, Dr. Bob and Susan Goldstein embraced the transition from conventional veterinary medicine to an integrative and holistic approach focusing on the whole pet, and started creating natural products without using toxic chemicals to treat their patients and family animals. Earth animal is the trusted source for bringing health and wellness to our beloved animals for their pure and natural journey. We do this by integrating purpose, conscious innovation, and knowledge into all of our healthful products. For more information, visit


We believe pets are not only the heart of our business, they are the reason we are in business.  For more than 60 years, Rolf C. Hagen Inc., the world’s largest privately-owned pet products manufacturer and distributor, has provided pets and pet parents with innovative, practical and fun items for aquatics, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more.  The many brands developed by Hagen - Catit, Zeus, Vesper, Exo Terra, Fluval - have the same philosophy of enhancing the health and welfare of pets.  At the show, expect to see everything from treats to toys, furniture to feeding accessories.  For more information on Hagen products, visit

Link AKC

Link AKC is dedicated to enhancing the bond between dogs and owners. The cutting-edge technology in the Link AKC smart collar and smartphone app combines state-of-the-art smart home, wearable and mobile technology with features such as GPS tracking, activity monitoring, an LED light, temperature sensor and more. The team behind the Link AKC smart collar is made up of passionate dog lovers, tech experts and designers who have combined the best of design and technology to elevate dog wearables to a lifestyle product category. Learn more at

The Martial ARFS

Using reward-based dog training, The Martial ARFS combine physical activity with obedience to provide exceptional training that improves the health & behavior of your dog. Our first NYC Metro area location boasts 4200 sqft of indoor doggie gym excitement. With a full agility course, heated salt water pool, 7 dog treadmills, an abundance of canine core strengthening fitness equipment and a convenient store full of exceptional diets, healthy treats, puzzle feeders and toys for the outdoor active dog, our current and future facilities will bring improved canine health and behavior like nothing before. Learn more at

Neon Litter

NEON Litter is made from highly absorbent silica gel crystals and comes in bright colors designed to make litter box maintenance FUN! NEON Litter clumps and its odor control so effective NEON Litter only has to be scooped 2X/week - Super Convenient! NEON Litter is unscented and the micro-size crystals are preferred by cats because they are Soft-on-Paws [No transition time needed].


Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes; GO!, NOW FRESH, GATHER and SPIKE TREATS for dogs and cats (and cats and dogs). GO! provides solutions for your pet’s unique dietary needs; NOW FRESH is the only dry pet food to use 100% fresh meat and fresh omega oils; GATHER is crafted from certified and organic ingredients, sustainably produced; and SPIKE lets you reward your dog with treats made using all natural ingredients. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States, and more than 20 countries internationally. At Petcurean, with every decision they make and every recipe they create, they put pets first. Learn more at


PillStashios are an easy and mess-free way for modern pet parents to give their dog medicines, vitamins and supplements. They are completely edible dog treats that lock in the scent and taste of capsules, liquids and powders. STASH the pill, SNAP the cover, SERVE to your dog. It’s that easy! Learn more at

Progressive Pet Therapy

At Progressive Pet Therapy, Eve Pugh, DVM, CVA, CCRP aims to keep pets moving. Since 2004, she has utilized the latest in alternative therapies to reduce pain and increase mobility in dogs and cats ranging from those recovering from injury or surgery to the golden oldies that are just struggling with arthritic joints. Utilizing a combination of acupuncture, laser, electrical stimulation and rehabilitative exercises, Dr. Pugh will treat a number of chronic physical health conditions ailing your cat or dog all within the comforts of your home. Learn more at

Safe Paw

The #1 trusted and selling brand for Ice and Snow Management. All products are absolutely very effective industrial grade. The ONLY products that are 100% safe for pets and kids, even if ingested. Learn more at